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Report: With costs so high, clear why medical costs bankrupt many

If you're like most of us, you flatly know that your medical outlays -- on everything from premiums, deductibles and so-called "out of pockets" to doctor visits, diagnostic tests and prescriptions -- are just about out of control, if not already unmanageable.

But did know that, on average, they're about 1000% more than what people across the rest of the world are paying?

That unhappy little piece of news comes courtesy of the World Health Organization, which passes along the "10 times the global average figure."

How do most Americans across the country, including in Texas, continue to keep their heads above water when challenged by appalling costs like that? According to government-authored statistics, the "average" person in the United States coughed up $9,990 to pay for health care in 2015.

In fact, and unsurprisingly, many people simply cannot meet the continuing challenge posed by regularly recurring medical charges that approximate or even exceed their monthly mortgage outlays.

Instead, they start engaging in painful balancing, holding off on high-need expenses to respond to medical creditors. They often go broke. Many lose their homes.

At such a time, it is important for such severely debt-challenged individuals to not give up hope.

Because doing so is unnecessary, and because there is hope.

In fact, high numbers of financially strapped individuals and families in Texas and across the country are able to secure the strong benefits provided through the bankruptcy system, which is a respected and time-honored process (the remedy of bankruptcy goes back to the earliest years of the country) allowing for a fresh start.

There is no reason for any challenged debtor to passively and quietly suffer from unassailable money challenges that have no end in sight, despite best efforts being made to accommodate all creditors.

Many people find that a timely and candid discussion with a proven debt-relief attorney well experienced in the bankruptcy process restores hope and points toward strategies that can once again lead to financial solvency.

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